Tuesday, 6 September 2016


so much of whatwouldbe faculties
goes to thermeostasis
probably my bestest quality
im feeling kinda whatever

i know everything
responsible only for some of it
the weight keeps me from doing owt about it

so im sitting down
on a bollard
on my bum
i feel my bottom
aware of how central it is
to my feelings
of whatever
that minute
a fart
i did it
it stinks of

a steady heady diet of oscillations
imma think about thinking about doing it
im already doing it
im a old man now
dont gotta prove nothing
move something
im already doing it
look a balloon
look up a balloon
i know everything
the magic is gone
balloon popped
it respires no more

living life halal
let it drip out of every pore
deliberate surgical cut
i still exist
step on fingers
on your precipice
i still exist
back here on earth
centre circle
one man kick off
the game still exists

i miss world
one wish
a 3D printed genie
a 3D printed lamp
i 3D print myself
one wish

i know
: everything

ah whatever
everyone is here
everyone is there
i am somewhere
in the middle of here and there

just touch me
nothing more
nothing less
touch me
with feeling
no expectation
no intention
we will cross that bridge
plant some seeds
blow up the bridge
build a parking lot
tall as babylon on very fertile soil
sit in a fast car
i will not undo your bra
dont say sorry
not just yet
we will cross that bridge
wont we
we will be


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