Wednesday, 30 September 2015

purple patch

q             k
 U           c
  a         a
   c       U
    k     q

     q   k
in flying v formation
a team sport
from golden egg to dust
who'd have thought that
about on your js
we in this together

qUacks the lot of us
we see only the symptoms
:o twilight
dead skin on the dirty ground
all around farticles
in a nebula have a say

a big black russian
will not derail me
toenails grow (he clips them)
no longer wavy
and yet everything is purple
+ im running in the traffic
like its under my command

!shotgun spaceship front seat!

his hubris is well intentioned
faith in gravity
he lookin at his feet
but correlation u can see 
no syzygy with causation
does my being
{ i am the gynaecologists apprentice }
make me any better at cunnilingus?

!wait a minute!

in a minute
he will have a sore tongue
& the photons are hermaphrodites
& the peloton is prepared for even spontaneity

a winning formula

wake up 
dont mess with a winning formula
the same shit 
u shit everyday
a call to gather yesterdays mistakes
&mpersand leave several portions 
as offerings to the palindromic dogs
who will ensure - an expectation
work on omnipresence & answering calls & hearing my prayers
but dogs busy in thoughts
i understand
even though i tender for new boots made for strutting
& speak in tongues 
u sing along if u know the words
pirouette on a escalator 360 & i somehow have lost my way
i should maybe meditate
messing with a winning formula
i have a head the size of a sidebottom
full of piss indigestion again
an appropriate + beautiful reaction rob would say
and maybe he/s got a point
but i think its an obtuse parallel to draw
ebenso pythagoras would probably be pleased
with the angles she makes with her knees
the formality of the terms of endearment 
with which she greets
the old man
the old dear
the apples there
the tree is here
i was always normally wack at math
so now for winning formulas
.just because.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


words: i am adamant i wish i never read
marionette regurgitate all the things u said (no homo)
rock the amber remember to forget
& only the man with the microphone can tell u what he loves the most
eddie says school is back in session scolding
but i been extracurricular for at least a minute
it reads like physics it isnt
visceral tectonics shifted
cultivated field trips
eyeball to eyeball wizard prestidigitator
i go for the jugular
- chill! 
- im cool
look: a couple licking at ice cream they swap licks
look: matthew mcconaugheys mouth is open
look: woody harrelsons mouth is wide open
great white hopes of hetero bros
in parenthesis not to speak of them no name hos
jaws ajar 
in surprise?
they surmise?
laying in wait for flies?
or a 
mantra: what
        what will u
        what will u do
        what will u do with that information?
im sauber kitchen clean not even
kusmi tea hits all the high notes i noticed
an hour glass triumphant lasts 3 4 5 minutes max simultaneously aghast: the couple are still licking at the same same same same ice cream
which will not melt
& the temperatures more temperate so butter will not melt
& teenage revisionists insist with a history of violence so butter will not melt
hold the front page flip flops hypocrisy so butter will not melt
so kundalini im coming clean so nothing will melt in my mouth
so so solid of subtle bodies 
i will not melt
in droste i trust
i love in a elevator
coming up
im coming up 
twerking mandibulars im clean
& immer noch im coming up
burning trees made for clairvoyant opacity residue of dreams
made it hard to brush my teeth
dirty mouth cannot talk clean tings
one time minimize in bright black
what function dat function
when form my porn all along the golden schnitt
yeah dass me im it
content with meagre portions
hold on
i aint finished yet
a second adolescence they reckon can be perfected
with 20/20 in the back of ur head
loose gums so fun eventually disenchanted with meritrition
i sat in front of u for long and learned to look + cop a feel
+ hear myself with tepid ears
ur names not down ur not coming in
fuck dat nigga
fuck dat nigga &
fuck dat nigga
mantra: what 
            will u do with that information?
multiply the binaries
investigate utopias
irritate complacency
i was in a coma
now im copacetic
yes i am a poet
maybe im a shaman
this lipstick is not my girlfriends
i said 

i see sirens i say shhhhh
a mute button for all yall
who talk too too much
tyrannical maybe
join the ranks
put a bouncer in the walls of jericho
& its peaceful when i rock the microphone

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

the angel gabriel

it was barely offensive
imperceptible to all but every single camera
fixated upon where the incident tooken place
beamed to every corner of the dodecahedron of elbows
that locked and popped
following a distant invisible xylophonic measure
drastic measures 
draconian decisions
a sardonic beard
the prognostication of which
wins precisely no prizes
and the angel gabriel received a red card
a bit harsh them marching orders
but he was filthy and an early bath really was warranted.
i suppose.

the management was summoned to face the media
and explain his charges actions preceding lights camera
questions please
try not to lose precious REM sleep
dreaming with one hand on the bollocks
and one hand on the pussy sushi in reality
they orgasmd together
staccato in unison
a hot prang
the tapes still running
it was about time.
an act of radical diplomacy he said:
i know this game and how it goes
to be provoked is to put yourself above the game
& for that i am ashamed.
he aged forty years in a day.

i?ll see u when u get there

go in again
with a red pen
and all the values one assigns to the shriftstellers blood
if and when one reveals ones hand
close hand
one faust
one inch
(t)hen punch
your way out of a washing machine on a spin
that was absentmindedly tossed off
the back of a lorry or was it a cargo ship
youre at the bottom of the ocean
and you are rescued by a mermaid with hammerhead tits
and talons decorated with french tips from with which
she massaged your nape
and dragged u back to dry land against ur wishes
but tomorrow u will be grateful
and tomorrow u will no longer be allergic
and tomorrow the milibars will be merciful
and maybe tomorrow i/ll wanna settle down
but the exponential growth of my hair will amaze me
maybe i.ll knit myself a replica from my hair
knowing that i have never seen any of these things before
and still the likelihood of one ending up
in a cycle at the exact midpoint of an underwater trench remains ziemlich high
+ im not even high.

get well soon mrs mckee

dear dear dear dear dear dear dear dear dear dear 
all of which are homonyms 
rachel the sole subject of this correspondance 
is it dense with a c 
and how important is it actually 
we your sole homonym daughter and i are toasted perverts 
and would not you like to know 
get to know details first 
things first 
of course is first 
and thirst how the mouth this time of the 
jesus christ is this the general direction 
with a onoma 
oh no my head is situated u will see in a timeplace 
that for some is incendiary 
independent of a body 
and a body 
what for use for a body 
what more can u do without a body to do you 
do you wanna stretch 
and activate 
and dance 
and vibe 
and wiggle 
and wriggle 
it will be swell 
when one can run through the various terrains 
as if the very terrain itself does not exist 
and you say to yourself as if 
when later you lay nay bathe 
in salubrious holy water.

bacteria wins

ah well so
i dont know
and even if i did
would that spur me into action?
the experiments undertaken by the undertakers
what does it mean?
could question it
good question it is never necessary
put it demonstrably
i think
i am sure
thats a word
it is now
it was then
and then
and then
kick up a cough
rip it up from the belly of the lungs
and inside that resonance formed crudely in the shape
of alveoli allioli broccoli
is the futures memory of a consensually ratified myopia
in the face of spectacles + spectacles
second time round with a capital esss
not this one
the precious bodily fluids
under a microscope
in a spotlight
eventually we
speak for yourself
me no know
know? no
grammar rules for pedants and sticklers
and needle coming up
else beg for the hippy balance
get on with it or proceed at a leisurely pace
oh well
we are here now
the royal we be royalty
bigger than everything
all things
the naked eye homonynm with my dick out
naked i homonym
i better be getting this write
come correct
cross it out rewind 
:come erect
chronology understood
as a hat on a line and a fish takes a bite with comedy dentures and chuckles for days
bacteria wins
flawless victory

Tuesday, 8 September 2015


thatchers children, we found
society censured
bare time ago now
i breathe
a collective sigh
so many a million emoji teaRS
& a crank
consent to la mala educaciĆ³n

i will 
i will
i will help myself


i asked google:
how to be a better boy

google said:
cut ur dick off

but maybe i read that wrong

its too latE
i turned up at sarahs house
a regular harridan in a garret
severed member in my hand

  i said: SURPRIZE! 
          im a new man now

she said: what use r u to me now? 
          gimme that

emergency surgery
+ she promptly sewed it back on