Wednesday, 11 January 2017

hunter on the moon

i done just found out
after years as the mane man
dead pelt around my shoulders
& a head too big for a crown 

i wear it nonetheless

i was lion
was i lied to
did i lie to myself
so many questions
gotta retrace my steps
living the life of someone i know intimately
nevertheless somebody else

i done just found out
am the hunter on the moon
sling an arrow across the room
not nefarious
i just want the inside scoop
on the future
whats due to
whats possible
whats probable
hopefully D
all of the above

so animated stamina
i can never get enough
gimme a spoonful of peanut butter smooth
maybe tomorrow i want it rough
lately i do do it like a dude
somedays i do the lady
why does he paint nails like that
is he gay bi straight or crazy

or D all of the above maybe
got my hair flat top like gracie
jonesing for that flair
quality of the fire is mutable
moves so beautiful
manaman a moonwalk on air

long story short
i might burn your house down
thats not a threat
or a promise
its responsible
honest communication
i might burn your house down
ride off into the virgin sunset
& consider how i make it more
efficient next time


natures television
u can never take your eyes off number one
the magician
switching up your cards
if u believe in him
why u even listening
whack these words
a soprano sings

i actually wanna dance
right now 

lights camera action
i need action
its been a while
its really been a while
its really been a while
but im patient
i can wait
sling the arrow
go see where it lays
call it if u wanna a gigantic leap of faith
to me its one of many tiptoes i squeeze into a day

did i say already
i wanna dance

my laughter does it best
i got a obnoxious laugh
i got a evocative laugh
i will got the last laugh

i got the balls & clit & the bit between me teeth
sling an arrow across the room
to them mountains over there
show me the biggest baddest most inhospitable mountain u got
imma have u naked by the end of this pome