Thursday, 21 April 2016

the malaise

what may look good today
maybe wont look good tomorrow
glucose syrup suck it up
feast on ones and zeroes
we can be heroes
what are you gonna do with that info
saturated belly fat full on facts and full of facts
the fact is i dont know what the fact is
i practiced these motions
big man dont do emotions
i need solutions
you could get that lipstick
on my dick quick
thats that business
& i still feel the weirdest
shall i go goatee
or rock a full beard
narcissus died in front of the mirror
& im still here
& i still dont care
a dirty mouth cant talk clean things
i didnt brush my teeth today
spit poison up in the atmosphere
i aint got a thing to fear
the act is not insincere
breathe in breathe out my nigga perservere
despite all my rage
i am still just a rat on a wheel inside a cage

lost belongings
i dont know whats wrong with me
honestly my head is not screwed on
being human is biting off more than you can chew on
go occams razor take it route one
philosophically play the game get my camus on
i am a strange one
or so i think
solipsistically i all do the same damn thing
no-one dont say nothing
first one to blink will die
cast the die
look them snake eyes in the eye
i cant lose
its impossible i will not do it
alls fair in the art of war
true peace niggas lets do this
i wanna get so high so vertigo
aint enough space for my face & my ego
or my superego
my alter ego has been president
i resent what passes for intelligence
its common sense
oh well
despite all my rage
i am still just a rat on a wheel inside a cage