Wednesday, 11 January 2017

hunter on the moon

i done just found out
after years as the mane man
dead pelt around my shoulders
& a head too big for a crown 

i wear it nonetheless

i was lion
was i lied to
did i lie to myself
so many questions
gotta retrace my steps
living the life of someone i know intimately
nevertheless somebody else

i done just found out
am the hunter on the moon
sling an arrow across the room
not nefarious
i just want the inside scoop
on the future
whats due to
whats possible
whats probable
hopefully D
all of the above

so animated stamina
i can never get enough
gimme a spoonful of peanut butter smooth
maybe tomorrow i want it rough
lately i do do it like a dude
somedays i do the lady
why does he paint nails like that
is he gay bi straight or crazy

or D all of the above maybe
got my hair flat top like gracie
jonesing for that flair
quality of the fire is mutable
moves so beautiful
manaman a moonwalk on air

long story short
i might burn your house down
thats not a threat
or a promise
its responsible
honest communication
i might burn your house down
ride off into the virgin sunset
& consider how i make it more
efficient next time


natures television
u can never take your eyes off number one
the magician
switching up your cards
if u believe in him
why u even listening
whack these words
a soprano sings

i actually wanna dance
right now 

lights camera action
i need action
its been a while
its really been a while
its really been a while
but im patient
i can wait
sling the arrow
go see where it lays
call it if u wanna a gigantic leap of faith
to me its one of many tiptoes i squeeze into a day

did i say already
i wanna dance

my laughter does it best
i got a obnoxious laugh
i got a evocative laugh
i will got the last laugh

i got the balls & clit & the bit between me teeth
sling an arrow across the room
to them mountains over there
show me the biggest baddest most inhospitable mountain u got
imma have u naked by the end of this pome

Thursday, 1 December 2016


you are so lucky i have not killed you yet
i coulda cultivated a hair trigger response
to hair trigger triggers
i didnt

im civilized

if i knew then what i know now
i coulda wiled out top off i go BLAU
cartoon stars round an orbit your head
i didnt do that
im black but im read

im civilized
im civilized

stand up for your rights scrutinized
take a knee for peace & im militant
diligently trying to find some success to express
roll off a bitten tongue to say
the nature of the beast is hydra
imma decapitate daily
pick your own weapon
the might of the pen
the power of the sword
all of them are short straws
in my hand

im civilized
im civilized

showing a mastery of language
standing on a soapbox no anguish
no bullshit shareef u understand me
im civilized

in the belly of the storm
still silent
been quietly praying
a buddha self-immolate
im on fire
im on fire

some days with ancestral rage
i wanna raze it all down to the ground
i am on fire
kiti pala cha ya ya
NO i dont know what that means
im civilized
thats some cold shit my dad used to say
mum give me the eyes
old man done give me the rest

it all
to the ground

with one hand tied behind my back
build a new city


Tuesday, 6 September 2016


so much of whatwouldbe faculties
goes to thermeostasis
probably my bestest quality
im feeling kinda whatever

i know everything
responsible only for some of it
the weight keeps me from doing owt about it

so im sitting down
on a bollard
on my bum
i feel my bottom
aware of how central it is
to my feelings
of whatever
that minute
a fart
i did it
it stinks of

a steady heady diet of oscillations
imma think about thinking about doing it
im already doing it
im a old man now
dont gotta prove nothing
move something
im already doing it
look a balloon
look up a balloon
i know everything
the magic is gone
balloon popped
it respires no more

living life halal
let it drip out of every pore
deliberate surgical cut
i still exist
step on fingers
on your precipice
i still exist
back here on earth
centre circle
one man kick off
the game still exists

i miss world
one wish
a 3D printed genie
a 3D printed lamp
i 3D print myself
one wish

i know
: everything

ah whatever
everyone is here
everyone is there
i am somewhere
in the middle of here and there

just touch me
nothing more
nothing less
touch me
with feeling
no expectation
no intention
we will cross that bridge
plant some seeds
blow up the bridge
build a parking lot
tall as babylon on very fertile soil
sit in a fast car
i will not undo your bra
dont say sorry
not just yet
we will cross that bridge
wont we
we will be


Sunday, 4 September 2016


kick a man when he's down
i wouldnt do that
i swear
but the axioms
lack of self-awareness
is its own fat petard in its belly
gone off
& I'M supposed to digest that shit
thats a question
not a statement of fact
look me in the eye
when im talking to u
i will look right back
red hot irons in the fire
pull them out
think u black
say u got my back
i say u had my back
remembering the melanin
we back to back
back to black
dressed in inheritance
distressed keloid
soundtracks broken records
of shitty cover versions
of shitty songs
that your boys call soul
that aint got no soul
its all in your head
u aint got no clothes
i can smell it on your breath
my old man went crazy
for that shit which affects
old dogs of black gold wars
colour commentating
a commonwealth of criminality
the way its always been
saying haw haw hee hee
big man thats me
fly me to the fatherland
so i can keep company
with cool kids
in cathedrals of commerce
i can overdose on vitamins & minerals
til im sick to my stomach
im rich and im turn up
like u buy my silence
im obliged to stand here quiet
i double dare u police my tone
whatever register
whatever tongue
still no-one registers
whats been said
what was done
beige to the left of me
beige to the right
here i am stuck in the middle with u
conscientious beige on white
abstract ideas like everythings gonn be alright
dont move until its ratified codified
guacamole quaffed
coffee drunk
cigarettes smoked
cocaine sniffed
filibustering my sunshine
by any means necessary
imma get mine
this didnt start today
dont pretend that it did
remember where u are
stuck in the middle with me
whether u like it or not
& some like it hot
i got the mise in the kitchen
if u cant stand the heat
wigger stop with your bitching
i can maybe help u help yourself
if u aint gonna try
in a world thats trying it
u will be dealt with
i know people who know people
they can testify
they got dealt it
this is my condition
& these are my conditions
since day dot
u cannot start and then not finish
i can maybe help u help yourself
stand with me or u by yourself
an indecent proposal
a common wealth
are u coming with

Saturday, 3 September 2016

olive oil

with the washcloth
the glass kitchen table top
with the angelface
& a box of tricks
spit & polish
a cheeky smile
a apron
say something
no nothing
u know what u doing
spider hands
with the mise en place
rigt now
richtig sauber

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

a dogs life

dog can
eat dog

dog food
proof of ambition

& every dog has its day

some dogs are stylish
some dogs have stylists
benefactors of narcissism

& every dog has its own character

dogs will be dogs
except when theyre dogs

it is a dogs life
context is everything

give a dog a bone
give a dog a stick
give a dog a break
put a dog on the moon

every dog has its own character
check it

a dog walks into a bar
orders a beer
drinks the entire beer

its not a joke
just stating observable fact
every dog has its own character

this dog would sink
a black russian black russian black russian
but im still standing
no elton whiskey neat

& every dog has its day

a dog went to a fancy dress party
dressed as a dog
excellent role play

doggone dog on dog
beef or playground tactics
five times a day i pray for paris

yeah i said it
every dog has its day

snoop doggy dog
yeah my dogs be down with that

turn down that racket
but every dog has its own character

doggy doo doo do what?
pick it up
i aint touching that shit

my dog is better than your dog
science & strife strafe
how far have we we have come

many dogs for millenia
but merry christmas
at least

its a dogs life
seven of them in the time it takes
a spaceship to resolve around the sun

of course
its a long way but a lot of life
in the day of the dog
& every dog has its day
& every dog has its own character

its a dogs life

Friday, 22 July 2016

delete history

when my ego finally lands
i will finally take off
adorned with thorns on my brow
dash the crown allow the cross
megalomaniacal not mine to bear anymore
why have u forsaken me
why have u forsaken us

still got stigmata healing nicely
quick look through history books
plenty of drama stage left your right
very soon i will put my hands together
and applaud the end of the act
the first interval imma get me some snacks

from the debris of hacked democracy
hijacked from the power of the people
who want to see what do you want to see
travels in the ingenuity of hyperreality
engineered algorhythmical fluency
hold up a mirror to the mirror
what do you want to see
hold up a mirror to the mirror
how do you know its me
hold up a mirror to the mirror
black comedy
ha ha - its not funny

i been a bible basher
& about to bash the bible
i already buried it
im down for the revival
blue eyed blonde hair jesus christ dont look at me like that
man has had a god complex
since his rib got jacked
hold up a mirror to the mirror
& he look right back
what ??
god look like that ??

inalienable scientific fact
something cannot come from nothing
when you are A SOMETHING in this world
you can create everything

the heros journey
the white knight saga
based on the only story ever told

once upon a time
from the left to the right
from the printing press to the internet
me me me
i i i
put my dick in that
mine all mine
the end

so they say that history is written by the victors 
and so bedfellows as they are history only remembers the victors, Victor 
a spin doctor of a concept so intangible 
one cannot believe the temerity 
as poison ink dries twisted calligraphy 
indelibly etched onto the motherboard of generations

we done endured the problematics
i aint looking for no vengeance
i can never renounce the violence
its cleansing therapeutic
black hands in gladrags
take black ink and rewrite
history herstory their story ourstory
im just one poet
& my ego has finally landed
are we ready for take off