Sunday, 4 September 2016


kick a man when he's down
i wouldnt do that
i swear
but the axioms
lack of self-awareness
is its own fat petard in its belly
gone off
& I'M supposed to digest that shit
thats a question
not a statement of fact
look me in the eye
when im talking to u
i will look right back
red hot irons in the fire
pull them out
think u black
say u got my back
i say u had my back
remembering the melanin
we back to back
back to black
dressed in inheritance
distressed keloid
soundtracks broken records
of shitty cover versions
of shitty songs
that your boys call soul
that aint got no soul
its all in your head
u aint got no clothes
i can smell it on your breath
my old man went crazy
for that shit which affects
old dogs of black gold wars
colour commentating
a commonwealth of criminality
the way its always been
saying haw haw hee hee
big man thats me
fly me to the fatherland
so i can keep company
with cool kids
in cathedrals of commerce
i can overdose on vitamins & minerals
til im sick to my stomach
im rich and im turn up
like u buy my silence
im obliged to stand here quiet
i double dare u police my tone
whatever register
whatever tongue
still no-one registers
whats been said
what was done
beige to the left of me
beige to the right
here i am stuck in the middle with u
conscientious beige on white
abstract ideas like everythings gonn be alright
dont move until its ratified codified
guacamole quaffed
coffee drunk
cigarettes smoked
cocaine sniffed
filibustering my sunshine
by any means necessary
imma get mine
this didnt start today
dont pretend that it did
remember where u are
stuck in the middle with me
whether u like it or not
& some like it hot
i got the mise in the kitchen
if u cant stand the heat
wigger stop with your bitching
i can maybe help u help yourself
if u aint gonna try
in a world thats trying it
u will be dealt with
i know people who know people
they can testify
they got dealt it
this is my condition
& these are my conditions
since day dot
u cannot start and then not finish
i can maybe help u help yourself
stand with me or u by yourself
an indecent proposal
a common wealth
are u coming with

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