Friday, 18 April 2014

berliner luft

and legend had it the keys
not needed unlocked door
but the leopard ran and the fairy followed
thinking big entrance together they jumped the fence

the boxer showing off
picks his paws up properly

the baby tries biting the bench
has the right idea

and there is a reason for every cloud of dust
every boof! cloud of konck! dust is perfect klink!

eventually the rule will come out
and pedants will want to measure strings of consequence
so played out interminable murmuring commentary


i was asked at six years old
i was asked at six and a half seven
and i always thought it was a stupid question

no-one would ask the man with the attentive breast and the ponytail
why he conditions his hair
because answer stupid its a question

the question hasnt changed
default dictates do i stupid for now i know the answer
shit! i already dun bun the bridge

die mode is set to handlebar
i live in germany so no-ones noticed
except the haida thunderbird who goads me with my beard

i lassooed the sharp end of the half moon
and kitesurfed back across the bowl to blondie

lucy brown baby

lucy brown she
made a baby boy
i text tall tom kent
primary rogue archangel sent
the only person
i can relay this information to who
might be able to
tell me how
i am supposed to feel

art i xul ate
hiw o feel

tell me tall tom
tell me hiw im supposed to feel


it was never likely

lucy and i
high on hills and steeds 
steel dogman history
several bedrooms 
scene philosophically pretty 
in pink dresses 




i like it unlikely

attending vegetable love 
a furtive joke gone too far 
so much do for gravity of ten nebula
incredulous endurance more than ephemeral
from the very first day 
very vegetable love did grow

but now

but now

but now

now nothings changed

lucy brown she
made a baby boy


tall tom 
kent is in grimsby
another girlfriend

on the two way
this greasy pane seize me
cant see under my nose
tomorrow leaves yesterdays trees