Friday, 5 December 2014

Tittle Tattle On Democracy

uwant what
iwant that

iwant what uwant

iwant what uwant
thats how democracy works people
for the power of the people
of the power of the people
im a set of people as a person
iwant what uwant
idont want
nor want to want
nor want to want to want
ihave what iwant
is what i need
is what people say
and people always say
the right thing
at the right time
thats what iwantwhat uwant
all the people to wantwhat uwant
and you get accused of tyranny
because you want what they want
do they know what they want
what they really really want
if i tell them what they want
what they really really want
would they want it
should they want it
are they asking for it
dressed like that
are they appropriately dressed
for what they want
in your sunday best
pants and vest
hat dress and socks
for what you want
do they want it
will they roll it
write it
burn it
send it up in smoke
and offer it to the gods
my god the gods
they havent got enough
and theyre gods
they have got to get their
god given goods
by divine right
they have a right
to the goods of the gods
before you get yours
gods always come first
gods dont give to receive you see
they get then receive
then xoncede what u need
then you get what u want
is what i want the stars
to align so i get what i want
shall i share what i want
with u what i want
what i got
what i got
got given what i want
you want what i got
got given what i want
by god i was given
by god i was given
you want what i got
by god what was given
by divine right
my right to my right
divine right
divine right left
right left
north west north as well well well
where are We?
there equalizing tendency naturally finds fixed abode below[the belt] weight classes
clashes are inevitable
is it what you want
well its what we got
what u want
what u really really want
is what i want what u want
iwant what uwant

Sunday, 11 May 2014

u feel me

hey there pal its good to have you back
reloaded and already to go
and moves so smooth futures are
ready to go, so go

THIS is my new laugh so it goes
[                                              ]
slow elliptical low opiate grooves
concentric crystals in a temple contain
a trillion tiny televisions incubating
am] bliss

ren and stimpy
sleeping headphones plugged in

oh! the horror i never had lungs that
one time i screamed so loud
so not a single sound [     ] in your face
if a tree
will a tree
does a treeee


im not looking]

u cant see me like this
on a day like this
PR to the max
this is our my favourite way
i need nodes lungs
a rogue
white fight
he ma man goblin goblin goblin coconut eis creme 
with shankars fingers bobbling3 precarious on cobbles
sober on 2wheels
my pinky finger touch my pinky finger [[[]]]
still feels weird
i know u felt that
i know u felt that
u feel me
u feel me
i feel me my jaw feels a sudden urge to be this big [[[[[[]]]]]]


dont want is

dont get is

dont want is

dont get is

dont want is


Ö why would u buy sell me a hardboiled egg

Ö an egg strength versatility

Ö this egg is good for one thing

and i can do that myself)

Monday, 5 May 2014

still allergic to sex

a sleepless night is
a breathless night
tossing this way
turning that salad of hacked at
eyeballs delicate ectoplasm            and the
gelatinous hold << >> holes
ooohze and ooohsze
spray   blow   plug   blow

the jewish chick
limbs longting like my sister
:the supreme and unique pleasure of love lies in the certainty that one is doing evil

tis the season

still allergic to sex

i sho tthemoon

d d ddd d dd ditherdeliberation
ssssss s sssss singes partisanfingers
which at first appeartobe
inalignment with
inaccordance with
forthedestruction of
if notcareful
wane allyou want

cheesy fool

yyeah you chheesy fool exactlyy
who actually gets agitated
wont you show me your shimmy                                                      ,then
no need for elbow grease
have a stevie me
evangelical team talk                                                                       then,
shut up and chow down steak
you see
now)you got steak porks
a rare thing
for a very drymmouth

and brreathe

Friday, 18 April 2014

berliner luft

and legend had it the keys
not needed unlocked door
but the leopard ran and the fairy followed
thinking big entrance together they jumped the fence

the boxer showing off
picks his paws up properly

the baby tries biting the bench
has the right idea

and there is a reason for every cloud of dust
every boof! cloud of konck! dust is perfect klink!

eventually the rule will come out
and pedants will want to measure strings of consequence
so played out interminable murmuring commentary


i was asked at six years old
i was asked at six and a half seven
and i always thought it was a stupid question

no-one would ask the man with the attentive breast and the ponytail
why he conditions his hair
because answer stupid its a question

the question hasnt changed
default dictates do i stupid for now i know the answer
shit! i already dun bun the bridge

die mode is set to handlebar
i live in germany so no-ones noticed
except the haida thunderbird who goads me with my beard

i lassooed the sharp end of the half moon
and kitesurfed back across the bowl to blondie

lucy brown baby

lucy brown she
made a baby boy
i text tall tom kent
primary rogue archangel sent
the only person
i can relay this information to who
might be able to
tell me how
i am supposed to feel

art i xul ate
hiw o feel

tell me tall tom
tell me hiw im supposed to feel


it was never likely

lucy and i
high on hills and steeds 
steel dogman history
several bedrooms 
scene philosophically pretty 
in pink dresses 




i like it unlikely

attending vegetable love 
a furtive joke gone too far 
so much do for gravity of ten nebula
incredulous endurance more than ephemeral
from the very first day 
very vegetable love did grow

but now

but now

but now

now nothings changed

lucy brown she
made a baby boy


tall tom 
kent is in grimsby
another girlfriend

on the two way
this greasy pane seize me
cant see under my nose
tomorrow leaves yesterdays trees