Monday, 28 December 2015

girl, u look just like paul mccartney

desmond says to molly

:aber was ist denn die gegenteil
:what is the opposite
von lü­gen

the truth [HAAAAAaaaAAAaaäääää]
will set u free

happilygullibly v miserablycynically?

science ; ; ;

apply this : is the cat wanted dead
           : is the cat wanted alive
           : is the cat wanted dead or alive
                               dead +  alive

           : is the cat wanted


patent or latent

stand on two legs
[look down ;; two legs]

grab an atom 
if u cancan kick it
unzip it + lemme see it

whether u whisper or not
i got small ears
so what
ever u say
i believe u
.have yr reasons.

to the gods 

how life goes on

Thursday, 17 December 2015


if u ever see kids
in the middle 
of a nativity
no costumes
no uniform
in mufti + braces
they faces
not yet grown 
into they faces
such sweet faces
u do not see the future
of arseholery


probably we 
would have arseholes

im an arsehole
i seen yr arsehole

u know i dont mind arseholes
, , ,
i dunno

i see hands drawing hands drawing eyes
to divine

a ballet waiting to be danced

a penalty awarded
what could go wrong


whether we like it or not

water the blog
a relationship with a relationship

or the ultimate droste?

the greatest expression of humility
i was thinking about me

& me 
& u

& me 
& u 
& u 2 arseholes

i ll be there front row
clapping like a african dad


maybe lately i been tripping
cupids cyanide tipped harpoons
go clean through ventricles
exit wounds
properly patched up

laughter: axiomatic medicine

& un understood biology

oxy dosing

i must be tripping
i trust invisible flying babies

Thursday, 10 December 2015

love technology

balcony scenes these days

romeo posing pecs on a staircase 
to nowhere
in the sun 

in this one spot 

below juliet on a camerafone takes pictures
ESP: texts she read before he sent them

star children will not be conceived accidentally

i must write down my dreams in dippy pen
else i wont remember them

fuxk it
ill incept urs 

u luddite
steal the words from the tip of ur lips
i need the bandwidth
for the collaborative vine compilations

barbed wire bunting
& bad coffee


the s peed + density of processing 

when magic incantations
can do the work
while we walk the cerulean route round wedding

Thursday, 3 December 2015

thought balloon

is it tho
false modesty
i take myself far 
too seriously to take myself 
that seriously

this happens ofte
thought balloons twisted




ping super slo-mo 


to a parallel universe where

i am a happy janitor
with all the keys


i invented peace


i cracked the code of the flight of the bumblebee


o say
can u see
across the sea
no homo
only me
with the benefit of hindsight
sealed with a loving kismet
anna karenina principle
no russsian novels 
are too long to read
lets sit down together
& play happy families
with all the bland&dry
drownedingravyforflavour trimmings
a pilgrims thanksgiving
so thank u god!
it was all gods fault
written as it was by god
it was written
my god he reaps
favourable conditions for chosen peoples
selects superior intellects
preaching peace+civilization
ratified by god we trust
an appropriate saturnalian
feast on the plantation
back breaking after all 
that work done
best of all relations
pardon the turkey
bestial relations
pardon my turkey
its gon get shady
fuxk u pigs
u fuxk ur pigs
poison handkerchiefs
& ill humor
spelled the american way
u r not a part of this
a unique take 
on integration immigration
taking & raping
fencing off what was fenceless
from those defenceless
best be en guard
heavy the head is
that wears steel crown
gold standards set
step on the neck of the meek
who will inherit a complex
the same standards set
i swear down
u best wish me dead
think a nigger beg a banquet?
coming for crumbs?
a slither of pumpkin pie
i take the cake
many morsels i devour 
partakers of the plenty
constitutional rights
click clack
we all strapped
& i wish a nigger would
& i wish a redskin would
& i wish a mexican would
& i wish a haitian would
& i wish the vietcong would
& i wish venezuela would
& i wish a cuban would
& i wish an afghan would
& i wish an iraqi would
& i wish we all would
thank u 
say thank u

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

do the right thing

gods problem with justice as a concept
it is a man made metric
in a universe that gives this many fucks
to what man made

what man made me this?
i give u my image
u gimme the rib of a pig
dry + violent
fake smile + a side of sugar

brackish she says
: u dont deserve
this &//

i said:
i deserve everything i get

moves like jagger begging me: 
do it
pash sechs
& i left
without paying

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

broken britta bot

she better 
make it
imma make it 

i no i sing a sad song
smile with mccartneys cheeks
vorderman features
with age it betters

2 from the top &
1 from the bottom &
1 from the bottom to get back to the top

broken britta bot
she better 
make it

but (er) with all these useless words
in circulation
who is hosting who? (u know?)

she lead me down a garden path
with leading questions

im like: nah

she like: like
[[[e[ectr[c s]ock]]

im like: HA! HA!

[tic] [tic]

me. u. deictics get mixed up

dice tricks:
gambling deities immer noch at the table
still up

oxytocin keeps priapism buoyant
pricks ears up

hooting & hollering
@ the football
like bitch
man up

in new boots debut new pomes
self help
im a bad bitch

thighs like: WHAT?!?!

i think i.ll say it again!



cos she like things that repeat.

thats why
(no homo)

cohesive recently.

now now? no no.
nae nae? maybe. i.ll give it a go, yo.

mirror touch synaesthesia
i feel it in my elbow
i dun said so

imma make it 
she gon make it


Friday, 6 November 2015

walter & the leveller

dude sat in his apartment
a right smarty pants
he got mod cons
but he there scribbling an essay
that is to say
he could be watching telly
or anything
but he gotta get this treatise
of his chest
off his chest
in his chest
a booty full of pulchritude
logical ebullience verbalized & labyrinthine
he took to task violence
diseccted it
investigated nooks & crannies of nuance
a thorough job
afterward head hurt.

dude asked me to proofread
im like yes please
i read a generous one sentence
ripped it up
& boxed his head
i dun did this dude dirty for his own good
not cut out for this world
im cut out of this world

Sunday, 1 November 2015

on ur jays

will not leave u  alone
to live           alone
u will not love   alone
i will not love   alone

an autodidact i know
u like to learn alone

compassionate misanthrope
u like to loathe alone 
compassionate psychopath
i laugh when i loathe

looking online // zwanglose craigslist reply

old/new sl eeezy life
leering + leching
@ back 2 back detail
u r not alone
so homo - lying alone? yes
          lying alone? no

u like things that repeat
u r not alone

green fingers? no
u r not alone
leave well alone // weeds will grow 
in flowerpots in place of
honest blue bulbs
dead lavender dawdle lurking
                            loitering alone
a good hair day? never
we threshold together alone

alone i linger when u drop rock & lingerie
o jheez

u r now known

what say the motion of the sea
i will not leave 


on ur jays

Sunday, 18 October 2015

limp phoenix

the complacency of His priapism
insisted He celebrate the new ascetic
direction long before the line
in contravention of everything
hot chicks hold the clucking
what u learned in short shorts
sports day: leading thorax chest forward
like colin jackson
relax when the line behind u
that right there 
being the problem with a delorean
carry on fast forward thru the moment
past the point where the lessons learned
space burps in my face 
it happens all the neverstopstime
the void is fractal
an actual fact
on cue an ant walks into the room
& stomps on the forest
a funeral for chlorophyll
downed chopper libations
half the humour
feeling funny
some good news:
theres blood enough to bleed safely
safety first: babe we need a safe word
said the arousal owl to the one who gets His woo
who check hooked his jaw
thats why we need a safe word
wha dat for?
donut call me babe
the conversation ended there
she love letters
he heed her word
the authors dead
He said to no-one
alone with indissoluble cud
an assumption that 
everything in the room is mine
He tried to meditate to techno
but fell asleep on the dancefloor
He rose again to finish symphonies 
heres one He made earlier
back to black square 1.
that one/s still not done
on the backburner inspiration
maybe to come again
to consider His ascension condescending
then His heart is in the wrong place
kundalini ruff riding rinsing every last drop
leave it behind in a workshop
a showstopping paintjob
if this pen is magic
then I am a God He said
what on earth is left if the authors dead?
throw three conkers in a canal cause
several venn 
concentric ripples
where does it all go?
it comes back to I, I, I had an erection the whole time.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

bound 4 da reload

i will never work a day in ur life again
i know having said that that that
that but ()() also 

that u'll probably think this song is about u


this is tantamount to going onstage

in front of bare people

(die alle hatte ohrstopfen)

@ the LARGEST vaudeville hall in all existence

only an air guitar for subsistence

kicking out the most irresistible solo

i ever done saw 
u say

i did actually make a career out of this


in another timespan

i toured all the university towns

in the united condom non-dom
thats how u know im a ex pat on the head
other assorted hydrocarbons

a hole load of diamonds

the c l a r i t y is embarrassing

found at the bottom ()()
of what used to be

the ocean

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 


bodies of water have more volition than is supposed of them
water is older than u
its definitely older than u

but then no one has ever had the temerity to ask water for iD

i did
i walked from here 
      back to here all the way thru

in a pair of espadrilles

i stole from an ex
my feet never got wet
thats the last day
i ever did dun went to work

Sunday, 11 October 2015

square 1.

i have been so scared 
to turn over this page.

i turned the page
it has not assuaged the prang
and i cha

and i        cha

to a place that looks exactly like

square 1.


it smells like square 1.

very 20/20 i see round

its all a bit PORNOGRAPHIC!!!1

barely (18) myopic
i choose to lose f o c u s


back to 
square 1. thats not quite 
square 1. but it looks + it smells + it feels like 
square 1.

(that is not an explanation)

____      _____
    \\  //

a trap door!

square 1. is a trap door to another level

(thats more like it) 

 O O O O O O O O O O O
 O O O O O O O O O O O
 O O O O O O O O O O O

& theres gOld rings fat like dOnuts dri
            suspended                    i

from the sky
everywhere i lOOk
i/m a blue hedgehOg
the size of a ball
i catch them all
theyre all mine
i cant lose
but times run out ;;;;;;;;

twilight lasts this long


& im back to
square 1.
with a beard that i grew
i got a tattoo on my mound of Venus
& a belly button  piercing 
& an earworm singing




the apposite to opposite

:today i will leave the house 
in whiteface
wearing this cape

~ bLiNg ~

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

purple patch

q             k
 U           c
  a         a
   c       U
    k     q

     q   k
in flying v formation
a team sport
from golden egg to dust
who'd have thought that
about on your js
we in this together

qUacks the lot of us
we see only the symptoms
:o twilight
dead skin on the dirty ground
all around farticles
in a nebula have a say

a big black russian
will not derail me
toenails grow (he clips them)
no longer wavy
and yet everything is purple
+ im running in the traffic
like its under my command

!shotgun spaceship front seat!

his hubris is well intentioned
faith in gravity
he lookin at his feet
but correlation u can see 
no syzygy with causation
does my being
{ i am the gynaecologists apprentice }
make me any better at cunnilingus?

!wait a minute!

in a minute
he will have a sore tongue
& the photons are hermaphrodites
& the peloton is prepared for even spontaneity

a winning formula

wake up 
dont mess with a winning formula
the same shit 
u shit everyday
a call to gather yesterdays mistakes
&mpersand leave several portions 
as offerings to the palindromic dogs
who will ensure - an expectation
work on omnipresence & answering calls & hearing my prayers
but dogs busy in thoughts
i understand
even though i tender for new boots made for strutting
& speak in tongues 
u sing along if u know the words
pirouette on a escalator 360 & i somehow have lost my way
i should maybe meditate
messing with a winning formula
i have a head the size of a sidebottom
full of piss indigestion again
an appropriate + beautiful reaction rob would say
and maybe he/s got a point
but i think its an obtuse parallel to draw
ebenso pythagoras would probably be pleased
with the angles she makes with her knees
the formality of the terms of endearment 
with which she greets
the old man
the old dear
the apples there
the tree is here
i was always normally wack at math
so now for winning formulas
.just because.

Thursday, 24 September 2015


words: i am adamant i wish i never read
marionette regurgitate all the things u said (no homo)
rock the amber remember to forget
& only the man with the microphone can tell u what he loves the most
eddie says school is back in session scolding
but i been extracurricular for at least a minute
it reads like physics it isnt
visceral tectonics shifted
cultivated field trips
eyeball to eyeball wizard prestidigitator
i go for the jugular
- chill! 
- im cool
look: a couple licking at ice cream they swap licks
look: matthew mcconaugheys mouth is open
look: woody harrelsons mouth is wide open
great white hopes of hetero bros
in parenthesis not to speak of them no name hos
jaws ajar 
in surprise?
they surmise?
laying in wait for flies?
or a 
mantra: what
        what will u
        what will u do
        what will u do with that information?
im sauber kitchen clean not even
kusmi tea hits all the high notes i noticed
an hour glass triumphant lasts 3 4 5 minutes max simultaneously aghast: the couple are still licking at the same same same same ice cream
which will not melt
& the temperatures more temperate so butter will not melt
& teenage revisionists insist with a history of violence so butter will not melt
hold the front page flip flops hypocrisy so butter will not melt
so kundalini im coming clean so nothing will melt in my mouth
so so solid of subtle bodies 
i will not melt
in droste i trust
i love in a elevator
coming up
im coming up 
twerking mandibulars im clean
& immer noch im coming up
burning trees made for clairvoyant opacity residue of dreams
made it hard to brush my teeth
dirty mouth cannot talk clean tings
one time minimize in bright black
what function dat function
when form my porn all along the golden schnitt
yeah dass me im it
content with meagre portions
hold on
i aint finished yet
a second adolescence they reckon can be perfected
with 20/20 in the back of ur head
loose gums so fun eventually disenchanted with meritrition
i sat in front of u for long and learned to look + cop a feel
+ hear myself with tepid ears
ur names not down ur not coming in
fuck dat nigga
fuck dat nigga &
fuck dat nigga
mantra: what 
            will u do with that information?
multiply the binaries
investigate utopias
irritate complacency
i was in a coma
now im copacetic
yes i am a poet
maybe im a shaman
this lipstick is not my girlfriends
i said 

i see sirens i say shhhhh
a mute button for all yall
who talk too too much
tyrannical maybe
join the ranks
put a bouncer in the walls of jericho
& its peaceful when i rock the microphone