Wednesday, 24 June 2015

king of pentacles

blondie is lying upside 
down people on the ceiling
sleeping screaming SHUT THE FUCK UP
because she doesnt wanna chill
if in doubt
toggle the three prong fork
+ merk it ostentatious:
they deserve it
murky manuscripts say just this
does this qualify as clear reasoning?
shoplifting again -
no need for greed
so whats the devil +
   whats your poison
butter fingers slipped in your mouth
& u never melt under pulmonary pressure
so good at bad habits
springloaded hemlines
shifty pixels + illogical conclusions
i came to binging on
go for stones
get no satisfaction
& i cannot lick my own elbow
& i cannot see my own face
& i/m jealous of the mirror

to the mirror

does that not piss u off?
u have never seen ur own face.
i have experienced more of ur face than u have of ur face.
u have experienced more of my face than i have of my face.
its my face!
why can i not see my own face?
give me back my face back!

everything sometimes



exterior wide
absentmindedly equipoised
ampersand ready for kick off on a frozen lake
marathon skates along 
at the speed of sound
u havent even noticed yet
til spun the other way round
to see what u see for the very first time

summertime blauman

crows djs + tuxedos, ballgowns
scrapping looking for scraps among the trash
so lovingly left
we leave them for those
who know about diamonds in the trash
caviar + steak left on paper plates
popping caps with stern faces on duty
duly phlegmatic
i endorse a manamans right to remonstrate
there -> that one he skates
an olley over gutters practically speaking 
more backrests and work desks
back to certainly working
on me: the jiggling of equilibrium 
around a provocative centre of gravity
and the thunderclaps sound 
like the similes are backwards
and everything that that must mean about
a city upbringing
but if time then it follows
that experience and downloads
will not be linear
but the sun always sets mostly over there


it was and it 
smelled murky green
spiegelholzig screensaver
sitting deadly
silent still
p e r i s t a l s i s
i n t h e
c a t a c o m b s
grenade in the bunker
not leaving the bunker
not leaving the bunker
i am not leaving this bunker
P E T A R D 1


startled by a tempest in my belly
went for a phantom poo
an imposter: a fart
a raspberry phart miasma flavour
here all week for tonight only
and be sure to try the grape juice
pamplemousse and a AK-40phart
conflate topical scatalogical inna de venn then
im stuck in the middle with the state of things

a night at a kinky salon

the theme was tropical underworld
& i was a siren
(a meer thing from the sea
 a time when looks could kill)
inside or outside
sticky hot + topless
(everyone was topless)
she: blonde. ambitious. skirt. yellow. patent. pink. flash. invitation. said call me salome
i said yo salome.
see that man over there she said.
i saw that man over there talking tactics with hades
we share a whole lotta love she said wanna slice?
i said sure.
she said her boyfriend had never.
well i never i said i have and i will do it again
if thats what he wants?
its: what he wants is what i want she said.
first is what i want she said.
what i want she said
head on a platter - u can guess the rest

ur favourite wedding guest

step one: first foot whatever u want foot
forward FORWWARD
a sloppy bebop foxtrot - bebopobfoxtrot
upper treppehaus of igneous mosaic playtime gemstones
to a room with empty light behind a closed door
and a lesbian in the mirror with long slim limbs
cock an arm
the lichtlos shuttles shit at this 
time and type of hour
and now its blue bloody hell
well boo hoo
+ ur extra bedtime routine addiction
be that as it may i confess
to a tension in my head
forcefeeding me my tongue yum; yum
insular and sleeping on a bouncing bed today
yesterday bridesmaid on a bouncing bed 
mostly always at the end of the day
when the dregs done been been scraped away for mitnehmen 
and we/ve sluiced off slices of icing on the cake
for i am ur favourite wedding guest

red carpet for tess

its i popping other peoples posture
that minute i sit up straight
adjudiadjudiadjudicate rhomboid conferences
gebaeude: on top of the agenda
topless studious godesses 
ampersand possibly gargoyles
ha. ha.
they must have had a sense of humour
this is what people do
a happy and serventile lion
the european obsession with lions
give u jump rope to skip over
black statues and crackers by night
take stock of the new ways round way round new ways
today they aint no race
so i take my time
usually a behind me a burning building always
nah. nah.
its cool today
look down! there -> there
got my drufs in my leg
-> turnt up 
-> turnt up
-> turnt up for good measure
-> roll up
-> roll up -> not yet -> they are
              not yet with tess
always a red carpet   with tess
theres music videos to be made 
daily :patterns prolific
just as soon as i get out of these 
vices BADhabits
and slip into something a little more
sexy sexy ellipsis
even the greeks
-> topless -> cock out
whats the fuss?
<- down="" font="" look="">
battery powered tesselated stones
in a pavement
feet. shoes. get a move. on.

general at rest

diamonds pockmark the ceilings
venus victrix over there
me reeling from pyhrric defeat
but actually buzzing from fighting the dice
contagious catching feelings off stroppy teenagers
o! the tears of a child
they/re making it up
its a swindle
aye, a willing mark
its better to believe them
& i can spell believe
lindens last heave ho - it lingers
bare arms like i like it
old candle wax: a physical reaction
so it sort of means we/re back to the start
it lingers - served in a jar
not just guardian conjecture
strapless skid stop
or better yet - a passing high five forehand
my future
set point

im working on it

taut will also do;
an opening gambit to girls with great tits:
i am a scoundrel


normally the other way round
turn the witching hour upside down
now bubbling in the morning
set + setting: dressed in clothes
i/ve worn before


this roguery aint charming any more
can u shame yourself back to the beginning?
[backspace] [backspace]
dont work (obviously)
new space: this face, cake in extra clay
so many (how many) majors take the reins
twin sphinxes (say it again)
twin sphinxes lead the way
to concurrent permutations taking place

[i was a lover] i might mull it over, 

muscle memory -> biceps, six pack, top off, all that
time in the mirrors
should be irritating how satiating this is
this horrid droste effect 
dead reflections
dancing: kanye west them flashing lights
not even narcissus would die for that
recognition of a marvellous dorian
+ u know how that story goes
such an old trope 
a shit joke: the evil clown
all that
time in the mirrors of course
kriss kross daddy macking make me(n)
live life ruckwerts
ha ha


its not funny (it is quite funny)
my beautiful dark attritional fantasys
ahh! perhaps it will be good
so many many majors in the boardroom
so diligently building cities
fit for porpoise
urban labyrinths
see dem no-soul food wrappers chase
overzealous zephyrs
of holograms - jealous
I erected them all about town
in that inglorious morning
man i was randian
i was thinking bout me 
still a sucker for a girl in a body con dress
+ gifts of oxytocin
still trackstanding at red lights sometimes 
eudaimonia: im working on it


its been a long time
i shouldnt have left u
did your world get fractal?
cashew cashew cashew
i got a archipelago o femininity
got dem cashews
i dont mean to be deliberately obtuse
i been told i do that
london is greedy for your juice
& london done raised me
so i gotta give it back
one condition
i been running through the streets with ma wolves
backpack on ma back
back to the pack 
step back 
back of the pack
seat driving
no licence so 
lurking giving sermons
out to sinners
dont i know them well
a three pronged thyrsos
pointing skyward north west
an investment
stood straddling bridges
primary eyes shut
with these eyes open 
sesame secrets? nah-ah
keys to the city uh-huh
that work
go on gimme
ol]factories started up
opened up my nose 
as far as it would go
+ swallowed london whole
+ all its lurid darkness
nasty macabre right to the heart of it
i think it worked
no asked me to
but thats what i wanted for my last supper
tomorrows a big day
& my bicycle & i
we still know it all so i
try recycle all my i/s
baptize the i/s that died
in a waiting room
immer noch liminal
still in limbo though 
so the rituals renew plasma
tabula rasa mi casa su casa so
eeezy go home
dont know 
where that is now
but i know where that was 

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

coffee + vaseline

immer when i wake

it lays forlorn
forgotten again
remembered when
u/re halfway the wrong way
to mitte
we [the coffee + me]
wonder whether
u even like coffee
the way u drop it like its hot
          drop it like its hot
          drop it like its hot
even when              its not