Friday, 22 July 2016

delete history

when my ego finally lands
i will finally take off
adorned with thorns on my brow
dash the crown allow the cross
megalomaniacal not mine to bear anymore
why have u forsaken me
why have u forsaken us

still got stigmata healing nicely
quick look through history books
plenty of drama stage left your right
very soon i will put my hands together
and applaud the end of the act
the first interval imma get me some snacks

from the debris of hacked democracy
hijacked from the power of the people
who want to see what do you want to see
travels in the ingenuity of hyperreality
engineered algorhythmical fluency
hold up a mirror to the mirror
what do you want to see
hold up a mirror to the mirror
how do you know its me
hold up a mirror to the mirror
black comedy
ha ha - its not funny

i been a bible basher
& about to bash the bible
i already buried it
im down for the revival
blue eyed blonde hair jesus christ dont look at me like that
man has had a god complex
since his rib got jacked
hold up a mirror to the mirror
& he look right back
what ??
god look like that ??

inalienable scientific fact
something cannot come from nothing
when you are A SOMETHING in this world
you can create everything

the heros journey
the white knight saga
based on the only story ever told

once upon a time
from the left to the right
from the printing press to the internet
me me me
i i i
put my dick in that
mine all mine
the end

so they say that history is written by the victors 
and so bedfellows as they are history only remembers the victors, Victor 
a spin doctor of a concept so intangible 
one cannot believe the temerity 
as poison ink dries twisted calligraphy 
indelibly etched onto the motherboard of generations

we done endured the problematics
i aint looking for no vengeance
i can never renounce the violence
its cleansing therapeutic
black hands in gladrags
take black ink and rewrite
history herstory their story ourstory
im just one poet
& my ego has finally landed
are we ready for take off

Sunday, 10 July 2016

sudden death

anybody commentating on this game will say
i have covered every single blade of grass today


it is a long walk from the centre circle
sudden death

i'll step up
take a penalty

u r the only one in the stadium watching
sat in every seat

i am the goalkeeper
& the referee

this could get messi
or will u support the underdog


we all have a job to do

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


battle of the belly button
better in or out
hobbling leviathan just started still evolving the project not yet finished
u ok? u pulled out last minute
no protection
theres repercussions
in the morning

eu referendum results live coverage with me, your host TheInternetMozillaFirefoxv42.0HTMLAdobe&Javascript

lets get down to it


0 of 382 local authorities still to declare 

oh shame

i was up all night
watching the car crash happen
as fast as u like on the autobahn
hold up
nothings actually happened yet

can we hold the shame!

im not racist but
being poor and white and disenfranchised
is not a hot look
better the lesser leviathan u know
take back control
stop the poles
stop the pikeys
the gyppos
the elites
the unelected
the undemocratic
the five presidents
merkel juncker tusk schulz sauerkraut frogs legs garlic bread catenaccio tiki taka political correctness sartorial elegance central european time topless sunbathing
your boys took one hell of a beating!

who dont talk my language
talk my language
not talking my language
stop talking my language

its confusing me

an englishman an englishman and an englishman
standing outside
a berlin bar in berlin black
americain nuit
smells of gold rush
never black
top heavy
hot air
from the diaphragm
expel full clip of the magazine
a volley
a barrage
#we're only making plans for nigel / he has his future in british steel#

unable to fight their way out of a seifenblase soapbubble POP!
the englishman & the englishman & the englishman chorussed greekly on the subject of the english populace

: there are truths with charm and seductive powers which are recognized best by mediocre minds / right now / the spirit of respectable but mediocre englishmen are starting to gain ascendancy in the midregion of european taste

in short
: its coming home its coming home its coming footballs coming home
pakis going home

i am proud to say
we have one way of expressing the definite article
what them germans do - impractical
derdiedemdasden then what?
u wot?

i wonder

power of the people
by the people
for the people

power of the people
by the people
for the people

power of the people
by the people
for the people

its kinda catchy

only problem is the people
if only you could vote for a new set of people
that would solve precisely nothing
said everyone except everyone else

the war of all against all commenced

they bicker knickers twisted
leviathan licking lips at the prospect
of the first fresh press of the mornings repercussions

its not tomorrow morning until you've been to bed