Tuesday, 7 June 2016

nietzsche FML

deep in all directions
got confused
so confused
crossed confucius
with jesus
sun tzu
with lao tze
pay no grey matter
no matter they all say the same sage guru shenangians

tyler durden disturbing with roundhouse kicks
jab from the hips
jab from the hips
down with the established monuments
& the substance which holds it all together
there is nothing in yr pleasure
yr work is never done
the earth spins on its axis
im trying to give a uh but walk round the statue enough times and its hard to take a definitive opinion on anything

pick the third way
break a leg
on the stage
theres no business like show business
big brilliant idiots
frigid narcissists
fake full body orgasms
make proper actual people in the process
fruit flies multiply faster than they sip the vinegar
shiva bellylaughs
& starts again


i could not wait to be king
young simba
already ready running rings round
abacus + building blocks
eternally returning
as ever it was & will be

i could not wait to be king
young simba
who born monkey says my mummy
ashy elbows + ashy knees
ruff + tumble in the sandbox
castles made of
cocoa butter remedies
indeed wrought from biafran warriors
preordained in the moment i came
ominous named chukwu emeka
god has done good
& so ill do good

man i cant wait to be king
wiser simba
i seen it all kicking off
what war brought trouble
mufasa my father
if u must be martyr for peace
i will kill u myself with my bare paws

long pause

ol dirty afro
still a afronaut
a afrodidact
redefine what the black we see when we see black skin
white farce licking wounds
& i like my scars
made up of all the infinitessimal decisions i did and did not make
i bent the past
i got the means
everything i need
for what happens later

now im king
just simba
no more foes
riding through the streets with just my woes
i fought the wars
the i let the wars win

whats love got to do with it
whats love got to do with it

i am the king
i am king
just simba
just simba
its just simba