Sunday, 14 February 2016

desert rainbow

round the corner
a different sky
full cast + the first quarter
frying pan on its side
orion by the fire
hot rocks in the desert
will not turn it into bread
lets make our bed
& lie in
berber hospitality
i been here for the guilt trips
honestys just easier
i promise u
i aint got no beef with scorpions among quartz
goodlookin good news devils
tempt us to full pina
where rivers used to be rivers
its crystal clearly
walking away from the tec tec tec tech NO
to or from the rainbow
i aint finished with u

that answer was from another dimension / or was it just a panic attack

i been a good boy 
ever since 
i was born again
& still
when asked for my wishlist
subtle bodies twisted 
blood melons oranges are lemons
squeezed the life rite out of me
[recovery position]
on mosque steps


something incarnate detected 
coming from my solar plexus


wavy fucks me in the solar plexus


Q. why do women have periods?

A. because we deserve them


after oscillation

Friday, 5 February 2016

bare fools + werewolves

sleep less nite
hot morning
no still
&  still
no warning
so chill
no chill
caffeine hit
battered fish
pirate bus
lets go!
essaouira to queer street
tough this love in the city
hangry glutton
haze off l'escargot
stacey slater mate
chatting breeeze
bare banter
let it go
uh huh honey?
when im in this mood
u dont wanna know

this gon blow
follow murmuration
live for the maelstrom
yung vets
scar faces
kicking tims
lawless merchants scatter
protect the merch
protect the dirrhams
shit got real
hock spit
coff flem
po so lame
in hi viz
he aint do shit
aint none of this amount to shit
cyclical is all
bare fools & werewolves
marrakech midnite
a full moon

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

there is no future in time

a dumb + clever zebra
a still bewildered beast
follow a tesselated set of dodecahedron
the strong whiff of equine piss
pipes begleit a cobras hiss
see monkey do the macarena in a nappy
he gotta sideline in sim cards
henna harridans with fatimas hands in every animal print
a caco
a coffcoff
a cacophony > > > >>>>>> in jemaa el fna
zebra + beast foxtrot on quicksandbox
an anachronism in africa
a man blacker than blik black
hes blue
making haste while the sun shines
selling wristwatches
he pop up in space

beast be like:
i been thinking about forever
lemme tell u
there is literally no future in time

hey berlin / how was january?

mediterranean degrees
why u moroccans rocking bear skin?
man im so hot i gotta bare skin
so hot top off disrespectful showing barrrrre skin

Monday, 1 February 2016

terracotta stonewalls

like karma
comes and goes 
incognito chameleon
horizons never normally past the end of my nose
from this perspective
set up for a upset
i was expecting
[first mistake]
prepubescent chest hair flying
cusp of the lion
immer immer im just trying
to enjoy my life
squash the beef
allow the strife
gemini think twice
she think twice
she still thinking
jesus christ
one minute its birds + bees
is it terracotta
or another shade of something
girl say something