Wednesday, 18 November 2015

broken britta bot

she better 
make it
imma make it 

i no i sing a sad song
smile with mccartneys cheeks
vorderman features
with age it betters

2 from the top &
1 from the bottom &
1 from the bottom to get back to the top

broken britta bot
she better 
make it

but (er) with all these useless words
in circulation
who is hosting who? (u know?)

she lead me down a garden path
with leading questions

im like: nah

she like: like
[[[e[ectr[c s]ock]]

im like: HA! HA!

[tic] [tic]

me. u. deictics get mixed up

dice tricks:
gambling deities immer noch at the table
still up

oxytocin keeps priapism buoyant
pricks ears up

hooting & hollering
@ the football
like bitch
man up

in new boots debut new pomes
self help
im a bad bitch

thighs like: WHAT?!?!

i think i.ll say it again!



cos she like things that repeat.

thats why
(no homo)

cohesive recently.

now now? no no.
nae nae? maybe. i.ll give it a go, yo.

mirror touch synaesthesia
i feel it in my elbow
i dun said so

imma make it 
she gon make it


Friday, 6 November 2015

walter & the leveller

dude sat in his apartment
a right smarty pants
he got mod cons
but he there scribbling an essay
that is to say
he could be watching telly
or anything
but he gotta get this treatise
of his chest
off his chest
in his chest
a booty full of pulchritude
logical ebullience verbalized & labyrinthine
he took to task violence
diseccted it
investigated nooks & crannies of nuance
a thorough job
afterward head hurt.

dude asked me to proofread
im like yes please
i read a generous one sentence
ripped it up
& boxed his head
i dun did this dude dirty for his own good
not cut out for this world
im cut out of this world

Sunday, 1 November 2015

on ur jays

will not leave u  alone
to live           alone
u will not love   alone
i will not love   alone

an autodidact i know
u like to learn alone

compassionate misanthrope
u like to loathe alone 
compassionate psychopath
i laugh when i loathe

looking online // zwanglose craigslist reply

old/new sl eeezy life
leering + leching
@ back 2 back detail
u r not alone
so homo - lying alone? yes
          lying alone? no

u like things that repeat
u r not alone

green fingers? no
u r not alone
leave well alone // weeds will grow 
in flowerpots in place of
honest blue bulbs
dead lavender dawdle lurking
                            loitering alone
a good hair day? never
we threshold together alone

alone i linger when u drop rock & lingerie
o jheez

u r now known

what say the motion of the sea
i will not leave 


on ur jays