Sunday, 23 August 2015


a whole lot of lovers spend their whole lives looking for each other
this was always somewhat inevitable
from the very first day we met
it was love at first sight

for no other reason than chaotic love + just because
god gave me being
meaning i gotta give it back
one condition: unconditionally
if i love thee then i must love me

big head no pig             head
if i cant be me then i be dead

i will love u
i will sex u
i will please u
i will be u
i will praise u
i will play   with u
waste time with u
adventures too
be true to u
i will never hide nothing from u
wake up every morning
& be the best version of u

ur flaws of which there are
not many
trotzdem i will accept dem

hopelessly devoted to u
universal rhythm
u r the perfect microcosm
of ur universe in motion
    i will watch u
& i will dance with u

u r worth it
u deserve it - everything
i will see to it
til death do us part
reincarnate then start again

these are not vows
they are not even promises
it is a privilege
me + u
to the end
immer immer immer mit liebe
this crown is mine
but the world is urs