Wednesday, 15 May 2013


in the last throes of somnolence
dance, strike pose correspondent
in correspondance to a moonwalking MJ
busting moves across diamond skies of dayglow pixels
circuit board trill
the thrill of the lights
the thrill of the camera
accept spectacle
dance the duel
matador y toro
waltz as a wallflower
rhythmical tiki taka
one touch
the impudence of the inexorable knee slide
no carpet burn
skyscraper podiums tall as towers for pulpits
costume wardrobe
or do you hit it and quit
i moonwalk
i had no say in the matter
i don't matter
all i am is matter
as a matter of fact
stacked and restacked fractals
celestial construction makes divine axles
i feel the holy spirit
she says ride fakie baby
so i ride fakie
i moonwalk as mj
consider it a gift