Saturday, 14 May 2016

u cant handle the truth

honestys the best policy
until u tell the truth
the misproof of shattered realities
twin towers tumbled off the balcony
poet with licence
the other licentious
calls it performance art
brand new actualities
after hot war was fought
brought to light
the lone figure on the ground
is part of the crowd
but theres safety in real numbers + good lines
making a mandala out of a cats cradle
trying transcending inheritance of network insecurity
mainlined to & short circuiting the ego
who doublethinks itself to stasis
the merry go round go round + round
as is expected
finish work / smash a series on netflix
chill / some perspective will
improve composition comparably probably dynamically
awake all night
dont sleep on it
see what it
looks like in the morning

Monday, 9 May 2016

leave me alone

leave me alone he said
                           she left
                           he cried

Wednesday, 4 May 2016


on my own two legs i go analog
dancing on the ceiling never stop
going sharp set til i reach the top
mont blanc moleskine mont blanc black ink black skin
i trust in everything i been scribbling
i been trying to catch my breath
but the air so thin
all of these eyes
i need my privacy
but we did snowden
dirty oh well im 30
been a little kid now i wanna go in
i do i dont i dont know what i want
notified but i wont correspond
speech bubble and a sign of a fone
its why im up here leave me alone
imma go tell it to the mountain
keep that fifth chakra open
quit smoking no toking
heres hoping synapses growing
and mending making connections
and send it to solar plexus
progress unchecked it wrecks us
greedy for the next checkpoint
king louie want the flower
he devour anybody with the power
just to make that point
he tear down the whole damn joint
im going whats the point

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

open for business

here we are again
& we're still not dead
not that i been trying
its just the viniagrette on the salad
if u overdid it on the citrus
sizzles a bit on the palate
& i lost the taste for lemonade anyway
i gotta be 
i mean 
i wanna be responsible for the big-piece-of-chick-en
i wanna know who yr mum is
i wanna know who yr dad is

i wanna know where u was educated
but so much of what happens happens without me
& i hate the footballfans that leavebeforethefinalwhistle
catch the last train )!(
like you got something better to do than this 0-0 draw
the early bird catches the tongue
gala bu bu ouga bu boom ta
& the pastor 
(praise be to jesus!)
he got sweat patches
so all bodily functions are fair game
so i farted front row no shame
fast forward four years
damn it still smells in here
im still here
still not dead
the very opposite of dead
im undead
in a sparkasse
signing my signature more times than in ever
{formula one}
the devil wears nylon
the devils got bum fluff 
the devils bleeding secretly
amen! i said
leave the devil alone
the devils been helpful
i got numbers now
i got chronicles now
im going online
im online
im open for business

Monday, 2 May 2016

royale with eeeze

is it quid pro quo implicit
if it is 
i gotta itch 
it needs a scratch 
i got your back 
dollar bill? allow that 
a king with a crown dont wear paper hat 
u cant pay for that 
satisfaction that im mining 
bling bling bling more than gold 
triple 6 the suitcase 
feast ur eyes on my soul 
samuel l ezequiel 25:17 
we all get hella angry man know how it feels 
path of the righteous man dont know if it is? 
but imma walk this way aerosmith
imma talk this way 
wavy all day
make myself feel all types of way 
lately i wanna touch everything 
i find them lines + them vibes dem so interesting 
so what u interested in? 
aint my operation 
so why r u hating? 
if thats the flipside to love 
the game was twisted from the start 
we got a joker for a god