Thursday, 31 March 2016


from fingernail to fully grown
i done lent the moon my halo
still a good boy least i try to be
is it something i just say so
day glo at daytime
sometimes unconventional
mostly unintentional
guy debord situational
all this so hyper real
empathic i know how u feel
do damage when i grab the wheel
jump back on the fix to a track stand still
im still here
micro cosmic orbit clear
ready for take off
i never did landings
so grateful for roots where im standing
never go hungry in a famine
head in the clouds but im plugged in
pecs on show imma buff ting
allow dat dont smoke buff ting
nowadays when i sleep imma dream
outrageous self esteem
imma read imma read imma read
hands on my balls then i breathe
its so eeezy
cocoa butter
better rub it in
never greaszy
i know u feel me

whats that on your whatsapp
my dick pic artistic
i give u the business
& wife up your missus
only if she want me to
i dont do nothing u dont want me to
aint no bro like a loser dude
hey there mami what u wanna do

four years old in a old man body
ice cream breakfast anybody stop me?
bench press mountains aint nobody spot me
u really are not me
i do not exist
its only a lease
inside of this body
go fuck the police
i cant be ur god if u do not believe
believe me
every second alive
youre one second closer to death
i see panoramas
so i never get stressed
bigger picture thinking
nigga pay attention
u do it to urself
its why im condescending
go take your disbelief
& put it in suspension
im giving u ur life
this is your redemption

Wednesday, 30 March 2016


madagascan monkeys
selfies with iphones

greek or roman pose?
i dont know - maybe roman
but i got the right angle 
              right here

perpendicular hand to the arm
periscope to the head
memory: meditating on romanescu broccoli
back then
but this is now

now for sweet treat

lemon curd + 
saturns rings

whirling rewind 
saturns rings

when whisking i forgot
saturns rings @ 33

beat in the clams casino
chk/chk/chchopped & screwwwwed
but bang in business
back offffa boil
the double helix
the beat yo ass
    beat dem eggs remix

more lecker 
to the CCTV u see? see?

memory: crouchtouchengage

i forgot
forgot? forget what?
i forget its getting better son

a perfectly random combination of ones +1
romeo almost done


karmic yoga

ass naked i

in the temple

doing the downward dog

for the dancing shiva


tim farted

not quite in my face 

but definitely in my general direction


still doing the dog

farted right back at him

at tim

every action tim
every action